Our platform is designed to effortlessly support advanced language model techniques such as chain of thought and tree of thought reasoning via langchains. 

With intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, users can easily configure these sophisticated processes to enhance AI-driven dialogue, problem-solving, and decision-making capabilities. 

This feature is particularly beneficial in tasks that require deeper reasoning or extended interactions, providing more coherent and contextually relevant responses.

SmythOS AI orchestration
SmythOS Infrastructure

Comprehensive Commercial Model Integration

OpenAI’s GPT 3 and 4 Families & Dall-E

Our API seamlessly integrates with OpenAI’s powerful language models, including the GPT-3 and GPT-4 families, as well as the creative capabilities of Dall-E. 

These models are renowned for their robust performance across a wide range of applications, from natural language processing to generating unique visual content.

Anthropic’s Claude Models

We support the latest Claude models from Anthropic, including Haiku and Opus, which are designed to offer safe and user-friendly AI interactions, enhancing applications that require a high degree of reliability and ethical consideration.

Google’s Gemini Models

Our platform also includes support for Google’s Gemini models, which are optimized for understanding and generating human-like text, thereby providing a significant edge in developing more natural and engaging user experiences.

Flexibility with Model Deployment

SmythOS Support for Tailored Models: Beyond standard model support, SmythOS provides comprehensive capabilities for fine-tuning, deploying local models, and integrating custom models via our API. 

This flexibility allows you to tailor AI models to specific needs and constraints, ensuring optimal performance tailored to your unique requirements.

Broad Open Source Model Integration

Innovative Collaboration with Emerging AI Initiatives: We actively support integration with an array of emerging and established open source models, ensuring that you remain at the cutting edge of AI technology. 

SmythOS supports open source models
SmythOS supports integration with Groq, Mistral, Deepseek, and many more.

This includes support for models from Together.ai, the lightning-fast Groq API, and a diverse array of specialized models such as:

  • Mistral and Mixtral: Optimized for specific linguistic and cognitive tasks.
  • LLaMA and RedPajama-INCITE: Designed for deep learning and natural language understanding.
  • Deepseek Coder and DeepSeek LLM: Tailored for coding and large language model applications.
  • Variety of Niche Models: Including Dolphin, Qwen, Code Llama, and many others, each providing unique capabilities to address specific challenges and opportunities in AI.

By supporting a wide spectrum of commercial and open-source models, our platform empowers you to leverage the full potential of AI technology, fostering innovation and driving efficiency in your projects. 

SmythOS – Commercial and Open Source LLM Models

Whether you are developing cutting-edge applications or seeking to enhance existing systems, our comprehensive support and user-friendly interface make advanced AI accessible to all.

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Our platform is designed to effortlessly support advanced language model techniques such as chain of thought and tree of thought…

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