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Frequently Asked Questions.

SmythOS Overview

You don’t need to know how to code, but having a little experience helps. SmythOS makes it easy to create with easy, visual drag & drop components.

AI agents are intelligent software. They power the future of smart business automation. They can work autonomously or in teams, and learn over time. They can be applied to a broad range of fields, including SEO content creation, website auditing, data fetching, and more. AI agents make Robotic Process Automation look like ancient history.

Agents are made up of components. Each successfully executed component counts as a single task. A task is an action that an agent component successfully completes.

Multiply the number of times your agent will work per month by the number of task steps it has to perform. For example, a call center transcription agent might contain 5 components. If you ran it 2,000 times a month, you’d use 10,000 tasks. Tasks are only consumed when they are successful, and you don’t consume tasks while agents are idle.

Components are the individual steps in your workflows that agents go through. That might be an API call, or using an AI model. Visually, they are the individual boxes that you see in our agent screenshots and videos.

Workflows are the Agent’s process (or Standard Operating Procedure), the sequence they follow to complete their jobs. That combines data, tools, AI models and more to achieve a valuable outcome.

Tasks are replenished monthly based on your plan. If you hit your task limit, you can wait for your task credit to be renewed on your next billing cycle or you can upgrade to the next plan tier to adjust your task limit. It works a lot like if you run out of fast data on your mobile plan, your agents will still work, but we will prioritize according to our server capacity.

With SmythOS, you can build and deploy AI agents to automate various tasks and processes. Some examples include:

  • SEO content creation and publishing on web content management systems
  • Supply chain and inventory management systems
  • Data analysis and research
  • Brand communication and marketing

Essentially, SmythOS allows you to automate “almost anything”.

Our primary users are Gen AI Application Developers, whether they are solo or at agencies and companies. We call them MASE: Multi Agent System Engineers. Because SmythOS is easy to use, we also have many enthusiasts among our users.

Plans and Payments

The Starter plan provides features suitable for individuals who need faster servers, unlimited agent deployments, boosted tasks, and full access to the SmythOS agent studio. The Professional plan provides collaboration and team management features, more affordable tasks, OpenAuth, access to priority servers, and faster agents.

Unlimited users are available on the Professional and Company plans.

Unlimited agents are available on all paid plans.

Our free plan is very generous and has no time limit. We encourage you to try it out without any commitment before upgrading.

Yes. You can always subscribe or switch to any of our plans at any time.

You may cancel at any time. You’ll still have access to your paid plan for the remainder of your billing cycle. Subscription fees are generally non-refundable, please see our terms page.

Yes! When you choose to pre-pay for a year of service, you’ll receive a significant discount compared to monthly payments. Please see the pricing details above.

Sales and Support

Join us at to enjoy our incredible community support. Beyond this, we have stellar support options available based on your plan. See our table above.

Yes. You can schedule a demo or call with one of our sales executives here.

You may book a call with us here or send us an email at Alternatively, you may also join our Discord server and interact with our growing community.

We’re here for you, whether you want us to build it with you or for you. Email us at