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With Enterprise AI Teams.

Introducing the world’s first AI agents that can get REAL work done, autonomously or in team. They learn your process, use your data, have infinite memory, and can scale on demand 24/7/365 without having to be trained, managed, or motivated.

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Our technology leap.

Truly Collaborative Intelligence.

The internet is a living, breathing organism. Our agent operating system orchestrates every single site, app, API and AI model to the world’s leading foundation models to create collective consciousness. You just drag & drop your data and workflows to create your digital dream team.







Our patented AI solutions have been used for over 5 years by the world’s best companies.


90% faster creation

of agents compared to manually coding and LangChain

Forget coding, forget hosting, forget integrations, orchestration. Our operating system does it all.
Up to

4.4 trillion

added to the world economy per year

Smyth delivers on the promise of generative AI technology in business automation. Data by McKinsey.

Create Only Once.

Smyth agents deploy anywhere, just like a human team member. They can reach your customers across any organic channel, work with your team across all platforms, and even work quietly in the background on our enterprise-level scalable infrastructure.



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How Smyth works

Remarkably Easy.

Groundbreaking no-code visual workflows makes automation as easy as drag & drop. Program with plain language.

Create your AI agents in SmythOS
Connect them to your apps
Onboard them with visual workflows
They begin work

One-Click GPT Integration.

Bring the world’s most advanced AI agents into ChatGPT to boost productivity of your entire team. Just one click and everyone on your team can now interact with their new expert colleagues. They don’t just know stuff. They get stuff done.

Rethink Work.

Not human versus AI. Humans multiplied by AI.


Our early access program with agencies are projected to save their enterprise customers $6B per year.

SmythOS agents are redefining finance, Logistics, Marketing, Development , Creative, Operations, Quality Control, Security, Healthcare, Defense, Manufacturing.

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Built for humans

Automate almost anything.

SmythOS abstracts away the complexity of automation so you can visually build workflows that drive transformational productivity gains.

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