Unmatched Integration Ecosystem.

Orchestrate anything with drag & and drop ease. With hundreds of thousands of integrations available, you can go from idea to implementation with minimal effort.

Combine any AI model and tools into your workflow.

Any AI Model

Any API & Tool

Any Workflow

Any Data Source

Commercial and Open Source AI

From OpenAI and Anthrophic to Mixtral and Your Fine-Tuned models on Bedrock or locally hosted. SmythOS supports dozens of AI models out of the box from multiple providers. Just bring your API key.

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Pre-Built API Integrations

Leap over the development hurdle with SmythOS’s ready-made APIs. Hook into popular services like Slack, Trello, GitHub, and Stripe. These pre-configured connectors mean less time on setup and more on innovation, giving your project an instant integration supercharge.

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Limitless API Integrations

Connect to any of 200M+ APIs. Whether public or private, our platform supports all standard HTTP methods for comprehensive interaction. Secure, flexible, and ready for any challenge—integration just became a breeze.

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Postman Collections

Drag and drop your Postman collection files into SmythOS, and watch as it instantly crafts the necessary API components for every endpoint. Smooth integration, no extra steps—just straight to execution with perfect alignment between your existing Postman setups and SmythOS.

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Hugging Face Models & Zapier Actions

We support over 350,000 Hugging Face AI models via drag & drop. Just bring your API key, we have pre-configured all models.

Drag and drop your Zapier AI actions into SmythOS, bringing over 6,000 apps and 30,000+ actions directly into SmythOS.

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ChatGPT Plugins & OpenAPI

Empower your tech with our vast library of ChatGPT plugins, RPA and seamless OpenAPI integration. Deploy quickly, scale effortlessly, and weave together diverse systems with precision—creating robust, interconnected AI agents has never been more streamlined.

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We exist for the dreams you realize

We believe that putting the power in your hands to create and deploy agents 99% faster, we can unleash an economic revolution. Each day, we are stunned by the use cases our customers dream up and create.

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