Alexander De Ridder speaking at The North Summit 2024 AI Revolution Fast Forward conference

Join Alexander De Ridder, Co-Founder and CTO of SmythOS, as he delivers a groundbreaking keynote at The North Summit 2024, held at the prestigious Harvard Club in Boston. In this speech, Alexander unveils a future where AI agents collaborate with humans to solve complex challenges and revolutionize industries.

Discover the critical difference between AI models and AI agents, and learn how visual, human-centric engineering is transforming AI development. Explore responsible AI practices that consider environmental impact and collaboration, and see the role of partnerships and platforms like AWS Bedrock in driving AI innovation.

This keynote isn’t just about technology – it’s about the incredible potential that AI holds for all of us. It’s a vision of a future that we can all be a part of, and it’s unfolding right now.

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